Integration Types

Connect your PMS to your other hotel systems

Integrating your property management system with your other hotel systems (POS systems, payment gateways, call accounting, PBX and voicemail, electronic locking systems, revenue management software, in-room entertainment systems, OTAs and channel managers, etc.) is key to maximizing efficiency — and staying competitive too.

Why Integrate?

System integration saves lodging operators time and improves data accuracy by automating the transfer of relevant data between systems. Essentially, system integration allows two systems to talk to each other through an automated interface, which transfers the requested data between the systems. Such interfaces eliminate the need to manually duplicate data, significantly cutting the administrative load on staff and decreasing the chance of human error.

Integration Types

Call Accounting

A call accounting interface allows call charges to be automatically applied to the relevant guest folio, eliminating the need to add telephone charges to guest folios manually and ensuring accurate billing.

Channel Manager / OTA / GDS

Integrating your PMS with your GDS and OTA channels or channel manager is a big time saver and helps to maximize online revenue. The interface allows GDS/OTA inventory, rates and reservations to be controlled directly from within the PMS. Through the interface, the PMS automatically pushes designated inventory, rates and availability to the channel, and reservations made through the channel are automatically sent to the PMS, with availability adjusted accordingly.

CRM / Guest Engagement

Interfaces between customer relationship management software or guest engagement tools and the PMS empower lodging operators to personalize the guest experience and target marketing efforts more effectively. Through a CRM or guest engagement platform interface, the PMS sends live reservation information directly to the digital marketing system to trigger automated guest communications that are highly targeted (based on rich customer profiles).

Entertainment Systems

Interfacing your in-room entertainment system with your PMS is very useful for automatically posting pay-per-view and Internet charges to guest folios, eliminating the need to do it manually and helping to minimize guest-disputed charges.

Electronic Keylocks

From keycard solutions to mobile keys, an electronic lock interface speeds up the check-in process and simplifies access management.

When the PMS is integrated with a keycard lock system, keycards are encoded and managed directly through the PMS, which automatically sends relevant data (eg. room number, length of stay, etc.) to the lock system. All you have to do is click a button and swipe the keycard to encode it.

Integrating your PMS with a keyless access solution (mobile key or keypad locks) automates key delivery to the guest’s smartphone upon guest check-in. In this case, the PMS automatically sends reservation data to your keyless access solution, which in turn generates a mobile key or keycode for the guest, automatically activating the key upon check-in and deactivating it upon check-out.

Loyalty Programs

Integrating your loyalty program software with your PMS simplifies guest rewards management by automating the process of updating loyalty member account balances, eliminating the need to manually duplicate data and cross-check between systems. Loyalty members and their point balances/eligible rewards can be instantly identified via reservation folios in WebRezPro.

Payment Gateways

Reducing the steps required to process card payments, and eliminating keying errors, a payment gateway interface securely facilitates credit card acceptance through the PMS. Integrating your PMS with a payment gateway removes the need for a stand-alone credit card terminal and speeds up the check-in/check-out process.

PBX / Voicemail

Integrate your PBX and voice mail systems to your PMS for effortless management of internal communications. A PBX/voice mail interface can automate such processes as activating and deactivating guestroom phones and voice mail upon check-in and check-out, and clearing voice mail greetings and voice messages upon guest check-out.

Point of Sale (POS)

A PMS-POS interface automates the process of posting restaurant charges to guest folios, improving accuracy and efficiency. The POS queries the PMS in real time to verify guest status and room number and then automatically posts the charge to the guest folio.

Reputation Management

Reputation management systems help properties manage their online reputation and social customer service by monitoring social media and increasing review volume, among other important functions. By integrating your PMS with your reputation management system, the process of requesting and posting guest feedback via electronic post-stay surveys can be completely automated.

Revenue Management

Direct integration between your PMS and RMS (revenue management system) automates the process of updating dynamic pricing to the PMS, greatly simplifying yield management. Here’s how it works: the PMS automatically pushes pricing and availability to the RMS, and the RMS automatically updates accepted recommended rates in the PMS.

Smart Room Technology
Integrate your PMS with your smart room solution (or guestroom automation system) for seamless guest comfort and greater energy savings. When integrated, the PMS communicates reservation data to the smart room system, automatically triggering the appropriate room state for occupied and unoccupied rooms (raising/lowering room temperature, turning lighting on/off, opening/closing drapes, and enabling/disabling TVs, etc.).
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