Multi-Property PMS Software

Property Management for Hotel Groups & Chains

As a cloud-based solution, WebRezPro is a scalable and cost-effective property management system for multi-property groups. But it’s our Centralized Administration Module that really makes WebRezPro a great choice for managing multiple properties. Breaking down data barriers, WebRezPro can provide real-time access to data across locations within a hotel group, streamlining back-office administration and guest service.

Global employee logins
Designated employees can access data across properties without having to log in and out of each hotel’s system.

Centralized guest data
Access to a shared guest profile database between properties can be enabled, helping properties anticipate guest needs and build brand loyalty.

Standardized Operations
Using a consistent PMS across a group of properties helps to develop and maintain operational and service standards, which is key to defining and refining your brand.

Mobile Accessibility
WebRezPro can be securely accessed from any computer or mobile device connected to the internet, allowing you to manage your properties from anywhere.

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