Riversage Billings Inn

Located in Billings, Montana, the Riversage Billings Inn – Billings, MT is a 59-room hotel that offers pet-friendly guest rooms! An abundance of amenities are available onsite including complimentary hot breakfast, free WiFi, laundry facilities and a fitness room. The Riversage Billings Inn has just started using our cloud-based WebRezPro Property Management System to help with their operations. Visit their website to see how they’re using WebRezPro to accept online bookings!

Alpine Meadows Resort

Alpine Meadows Resort is a vacation retreat in beautiful Clearwater, British Columbia, that offers contemporary log home-style chalets, an RV park and glamping tents. The resort also boasts a restaurant with a lakeside patio, complimentary boat rentals and easy access to all the activities in Wells Gray Provincial Park. Alpine Meadows Resort has chosen to use our cloud-based WebRezPro Property Management System to help with their day-to-day operations. Visit their website to see how they’re using WebRezPro to accept online bookings!

Getting to Know WebRezPro: Housekeeping Report

A lot of things are changing in the hospitality industry, but one fact that has and will remain steadfast is the essential role that housekeeping plays in the running of a successful property.  With the cleaning, maintenance, and preparation of rooms as significant contributors to guest satisfaction, it’s important to keep the management of all these moving parts as organized and seamless as possible.

An essential component of any property management system is a housekeeping report. Providing details on room status, room notes, and current guests, this report is crucial for communicating housekeeping information at a property with numerous rooms and employees.

The housekeeping report included in the WebRezPro system offers real-time information, interactive capabilities and multiple formats to suit your property’s needs.

Real-Time Information

All relevant housekeeping information is organized in a clean, user-friendly format in the WebRezPro housekeeping report.

Every unit is displayed with entries signaling the current room status, occupancy, zone and any attached notes or maintenance alarms. The report also shows guest information for anyone arriving, departing or staying through, for a given unit.

Interactive Capabilities

Not only does the housekeeping report provide up-to-the-minute information about individual units, but its interactivity also allows employees to make updates directly from the report. Using this report employees can:

Change List Order >> Units can be listed by number, status, type, occupancy, departing guests, arriving guests or guests staying through, simply by clicking on the appropriate header.

Change Room Status >> The status of a room can be changed by clicking on the edit icon for the appropriate unit. The available statuses include ‘dirty,’ ‘in service,’ ‘clean,’ ‘inspected,’ and ‘privacy.’

Add Notes and Alarms >> An employee can add a note to a unit by clicking the edit icon. There are options to add a note that will remain only for the selected date or a permanent note which will remain until turned off. Maintenance alarms can be added by clicking the maintenance icon for a particular unit. The status of an alarm can be changed from ‘active’ to ‘work in progress’ to ‘work completed,’ as necessary.

Search by Keyword >> A search bar at the top of the report can be used to search for key words. Using this feature will pull up only reservations that match the search criteria.

Assign and Edit Zones >> Zones are used to group units together for housekeeping purposes. The Edit Zone function is used to name zones and assign housekeepers to them. Units can be designated to different zones using the Bulk Actions feature. 

Make Bulk Edits >> By selecting the appropriate units, and using the Bulk Actions menu at the top of the form, employees can change the status or zone of multiple units at a time.

Tile View Format

While the list-style format of the housekeeping report is ideal for managers and front-desk staff to get an understanding of the property-wide housekeeping situation, it may be less optimal for housekeepers themselves (who are more interested in individual units at a time and may be using mobile devices). That is why WebRezPro has introduced a second option for their housekeeping report that allows the information to be viewed in a tile format.

The tile view includes all the same data and functionality of the original report but is arranged in a format that is more user-friendly for housekeepers updating information on a mobile device.


The importance of a good housekeeping report cannot be understated. Every property should have a system that allows relevant information about room status and occupancy to be updated quickly and accurately to make communication and task delegation as seamless as possible.

The features of the housekeeping report that have been described here are available in WebRezPro version 10.5.27. If you are currently using an earlier version of WebRezPro, please contact us for your free upgrade.

WebRezPro Named Leader in Hotel Management Software

Here at WebRezPro we are committed to providing excellence in hotel management technology. Our clients’ businesses are in our hands and we take that very seriously. That’s why we are pleased to announce that WebRezPro has been recognized as a leader in the 2017 Hotel Management FrontRunners Quadrant on Software Advice.

As a trusted resource for software buyers, FrontRunners evaluates verified product data and end-user reviews from softwareadvice.com, capterra.com and getapp.com. In the pursuit of helping small businesses make informed decisions, hundreds of products available for the management of hotel properties in North America were evaluated. Reservation management, front office and housekeeping management were identified as the core capabilities required for an eligible hotel management system, with special consideration for other related features that properties may be looking for. The scores produced were used to highlight and compare the top-performing products on the market.

Twenty-five products were selected for their capability and value, and WebRezPro came out near the front of the pack. With strong scores for both capability and value, WebRezPro fell into the Leader category. As a Leader in hotel management software, WebRezPro is attributed with being an all-around strong product with a wide range of functionality for a large range of customers and is considered highly valuable by customers. With client satisfaction being our top priority, that is music to our ears.

Our placement in the FrontRunners Quadrant, which relied heavily on user ratings, attests our commitment to our customers and the hospitality industry. We look forward to the continued endeavour to provide the best PMS and top-quality service for our clients.

The content for the FrontRunners quadrant is derived from actual end-user reviews and ratings as well as vendor-supplied and publicly available product and company information that gets applied against a documented methodology; the results neither represent the views of, nor constitute an endorsement by, Gartner or any of its affiliates.

Sustainable Experiences Matter to Guests: Go Green to Keep Up

It’s 2017, the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, and everyone is becoming evermore informed and concerned about the impact we have on the environment. That’s why it’s not hard to believe that 65% of global travellers expressed intent to stay at eco-friendly accommodation this year. That’s a large piece of the consumer pie you don’t want to miss out on!

Here are a few ways for your property to go green (and save money!) this year.

Reduce Waste

One of the most important steps you can take to become a greener business is to reduce waste.  From complimentary toiletries to individually packaged condiments, the waste generated from a hotel property has a sizeable impact on the environment (and is difficult and expensive to dispose of!).

Try installing refillable shampoo and body wash pumps in bathrooms and cut down on those pesky plastic bottles filling up our landfills. Trade in salt and pepper packets for refillable pourers and replace plastic laundry bags with linen ones.

Look into partnering with organizations that can divert and repurpose your hotel’s waste. Always throwing away barely used soap from your guest rooms? Clean the World is a non-profit organization that collects used soap from hotels and recycles them for impoverished people around the globe.

Conserve Energy

Do your electricity bills feel exorbitant? Hotels can spend up to 10 percent of their revenue on energy, which means going green can offer your property huge annual savings. Changes you can make range from adjustments of simple habits to installing new systems, all while maintaining the comfort of your guest.

Swapping out regular light-bulbs for their energy-efficient alternatives is an easy step that can go a long way in conserving energy. Not to mention educating staff about eco-friendly habits like opening and closing drapes to reduce heating and turning off unused electronics.

Many properties are now using keycard systems in their rooms that require the guest’s access card in order to use lights and AC. This system cuts down on wasteful energy consumption and is responsible for massive reductions in their electricity bill.

Save Water

Millions of liters of water are wasted by hotels each year. In a time when water scarcity has become a global problem, this is an important area for your property to address when going green.

Think about implementing a linen reuse program allowing guests to opt out of daily towel and linen changes. Less laundering reduces water and the energy required to heat it. Also consider installing low flow shower heads and faucets (which can reduce water usage by 30 percent) as well as water-efficient toilets (which can reduce water usage by 60 percent).

For more extreme changes to save water look into grey water recycling and rainwater harvesting programs.

Promote Green Activities

When planning your eco-friendly initiatives, it’s not just about what you can do as a business but also promoting green activities for your guests.

Why not include bicycles at your property for guest use? Also think about providing walking maps and public transportation information for attractions. You’ll be helping to reduce carbon emissions and your guests will have a more immersive experience exploring your local area.

Have you considered putting recycling bins in guest rooms? This will help with your waste reduction strategies and is a good way to show your customers your commitment to the environment.

Use a Cloud PMS

The type of management system you run also affects your property’s environmental impact.  Management hardware requires the use of inefficient, on-site technology. But by switching to a cloud property management system (PMS) you can forgo the energy costs of running your own servers and cooling systems.

Certain features allowed by a cloud PMS further reduce your environmental impact. Save mountains of paper with the use of electronic signatures during check-in and minimize wasted energy by ensuring electronics are turned off immediately after checkout with mobile housekeeping reports.


Make a commitment to go green this year.  Even small adjustments can have a big effect on the planet, save your property money, and are sure to be noticed by your environmentally conscious guests.

Auberge jeunesse Magog-Orford

The Auberge jeunesse Magog-Orford is located in downtown Magog, Quebec, just one hour from Montreal. Accommodation is provided in private rooms, family rooms and dormitories, and all guests have access to common areas including a fully-equipped kitchen. Additional amenities include free WiFi and complimentary breakfast. This inn has chosen to use our cloud-based WebRezPro Property Management System to help with their operations. Visit their website to see how they’re using WebRezPro’s integrated Web reservation software to take online bookings!

North Cascades Lodge at Stehekin

Located in Stehekin, Washington, the North Cascades Lodge at Stehekin offers rustic yet comfortable guestrooms on the shore of Lake Chelan. Additional accommodations are available in the fully furnished Lake House available that can sleep up to 12 guests or four cabins with kitchens.This pet-friendly property has just started using our cloud-based WebRezPro Property Management System! Visit their website to see how they’re using WebRezPro’s integrated Web reservation software to take online bookings!

Domaine Jolivent

Domaine Jolivent is a charming 10-room inn located in Lac-Brome, Quebec. Offering all the amenities of a hotel, this inn is situated on a 115-acre estate that includes walking trails, a frog pond and a swimming pool. A gourmet restaurant is also located onsite. Domaine Jolivent has just started using our cloud-based WebRezPro Property Management System to help with their operations. Visit their website to see how the inn is using WebRezPro to accept online bookings!

Art House Bed and Breakfast of East Hampton

Art House Bed and Breakfast of East Hampton, New York offers luxury accommodation in the historic artists’ community of Clearwater Beach East Hampton, New York. The Art House offers all the amenities of a five-star inn or hotel in an exclusive private boutique setting. Enjoy beautifully appointed rooms, a 66-foot pool, a hot tub with a waterfall, a wading pool, and an indoor Endless Pool. This bed and breakfast has just started using our cloud-based WebRezPro Property Management System! Visit their website to see how WebRezPro is helping to take online bookings!

Bear Mountain Inn

Nestled at the base of Bear Mountain along the Appalachian Trail, the Bear Mountain Inn is just 45 minutes from New York City! Opened in 1915, this historic lodge offers 63 guestrooms including some that are pet-friendly. The inn also offers complimentary continental breakfast, onsite dining, a spa and so much more. The Bear Mountain Inn has just started using our cloud-based WebRezPro Property Management System to help with their operations. Visit their website to see how the inn is using WebRezPro to take online bookings!