Go Greener with a Cloud Hotel Property Management System

Increased global average temperatures, rising sea levels and changing weather patterns prove the time is now to step up and take action for a more environmentally friendly way of life. This beautiful planet of ours is the only home we’ve got, and we’ve got to take care of it.

We need to make greener decisions at work, at home and when we travel—and we are, now more than ever. According to Booking.com’s 2019 Sustainable Travel Report, almost three quarters (72 percent) of travelers believe people need to make sustainable travel choices now to save the planet for future generations. Seventy-three percent of global travelers intend to stay in eco-friendly accommodation at least once in the year ahead—a figure that’s been trending up year over year from 62 percent in 2016. Environmental friendliness sways booking decisions too, with 70 percent of global travelers more likely to book accommodation knowing it was eco-friendly, whether they were looking for a sustainable stay or not.

Green practices are becoming more important for businesses to attract increasingly eco-minded consumers. But going green is most important simply because we are responsible for the health of our planet.

There are many ways lodging operations can decrease their ecological footprint. Linen reuse programs, recycling, energy-efficient lighting, smart in-room energy controls, low-flow shower heads, non-toxic cleaning products, refillable shampoo and body wash pumps, filtered water (instead of bottled water), and composting are some popular examples. But did you know that your choice of property management system (PMS) can also impact your property’s ecological footprint?

Choosing a modern, cloud PMS that is accessible on mobile devices and integrated with your other hotel systems is a much greener choice than one that is not.

A Cloud Community

Unlike legacy systems that require substantial on-property technological infrastructure, including servers and cooling systems, cloud PMS are completely deployed online. Beyond a computer, a cloud PMS doesn’t require any on-property hardware, decreasing on-site power demands.

Cloud technological infrastructure (data servers, back-up systems, cooling equipment, etc.) is located remotely, in dedicated, secure data centers and shared among multiple users—optimizing server utilization for greater global energy efficiency.

While a small property switching from a legacy system to a cloud PMS may not notice significant energy savings as their system server requirements were low, the combined energy impact of multiple properties switching their property management systems to the cloud is huge.

Paperless Functionality

With a modern cloud PMS, hotel and reservation data is more readily available than ever. Cloud PMS that are optimized for mobile devices are accessible via a tablet or smartphone, eliminating the need to print reports and schedules in many cases. Instead, data can be accessed on the go directly from the system.

Mobile housekeeping reports allow housekeepers to access their assigned cleaning schedule and update room status in real time using their mobile device. There’s no need to print work schedules, saving paper while significantly improving productivity and inter-staff communication. And with instant access to live room status, housekeepers can attend to vacated rooms sooner, ensuring lights, TVs and thermostats are all switched off promptly.

Just think of the paper savings with a PMS that offers paperless check-in via electronic signature capture, allowing guests to sign check-in receipts on a tablet or smartphone—which can then be emailed to the guest.

Deforestation is a major contributor to climate change, so reducing paper consumption is an important way to help save our planet.

Eco-friendly Integrations

Cloud PMS are easily integrated with other hotel systems for greater workflow efficiency through data automation. Direct integrations with room control systems and mobile key solutions, in particular, provide practical ways to improve energy efficiency too.

Connecting your PMS to such systems helps reduce energy use and costs by facilitating automatic control of in-room lights and thermostats triggered by guest check-in and check-out. Mobile key integrations eliminate the need for plastic keycards, greatly reducing waste.

A modern, well-integrated, mobile-friendly PMS streamlines daily operations and improves a hotel’s bottom line in many ways—not least of which include improving energy efficiency and reducing costs while doing so. Eco-friendly practices are becoming more important than ever for businesses and individuals alike to implement. Going greener with a modern cloud PMS is one way your hotel can reduce its ecological footprint, and help preserve this beautiful planet we call home.

Dilworth Inn

The Dilworth Inn is a 48-room hotel located across from Orchard Park Shopping Centre in popular Kelowna, British Columbia. The hotel offers plenty of extra touches including free WiFi, complimentary continental breakfast and an indoor pool and hot tub. The Dilworth Inn started using our cloud-based WebRezPro Property Management System this past winter and has recently added WebRezPro’s booking engine to their website! Check out their booking engine and website at the link below!

Recreation Inn & Suites

Located in beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia, the Recreation Inn and Suites offers 48 guest rooms and an array of amenities including a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, free WiFi, an onsite restaurant and some pet-friendly rooms. The Recreation Inn and Suites has chosen to use our cloud-based WebRezPro Property Management System to help with their operations. Visit their website to see how they’re using WebRezPro to accept online bookings…you may even want to book your next trip to the Okanagan Valley while you’re there!

5 Ways a Cloud Property Management System Directly Increases Hotel Revenue

Hotel technology has come a long way in recent years. Expensive, inflexible legacy systems have given way to agile, affordable cloud property management solutions that have liberated independent hotels by leveling the playing field with the big brands.

Through data centralization and automation, cloud property management systems streamline and modernize daily operations to improve workflow and put the guest experience front and center, resulting in more effective staff and happier guests—which are, of course, key ingredients for financial success at any property.

But let’s take an even closer look at how a cloud property management system directly impacts the bottom line. Here are five ways a cloud property management system (PMS) increases hotel revenue.

Real-time Reporting Drives Profitable Business Decisions

Tracking reservations, occupancy, pricing and revenue data is key to analyzing hotel performance, identifying trends and steering any property toward success. But many properties aren’t making use of their data, primarily because they don’t have easy access to it. Without an automated system, significant time must be dedicated to manually gathering and organizing the numbers—and that’s time most lodging operators simply don’t have.

One of the major benefits an automated PMS brings to lodging operations is data transparency, making current hotel data accessible at any time for more accurate forecasting and timely decision-making. Gone are the days of manually compiling spreadsheets and punching numbers into calculators—your cloud PMS does it all for you, collating data in real time as transactions occur.

With just a click of a button, management can instantly generate reports to identify patterns and make informed pricing, distribution and marketing decisions at the right time to maximize revenue.

Flexible Rate and Package Management Powers Sales

Along with data transparency, modern cloud property management solutions offer comprehensive rate and package management tools that empower hotels to profit from their data by implementing more responsive pricing strategies.

Whether creating packages or special rates, adjusting standard rates or offering last-minute discounts, a reputable cloud PMS will support your revenue strategy through flexible rate-building features—including rate and booking rules (min/max length of stay, closed to departure/arrival, online only, etc.), quick overrides and automated yield management tools—as well as rate and package tracking, and revenue management system integrations.

With a modern, agile rate management solution you can apply pricing strategies instantly in reaction to (or anticipation of) demand fluctuations, positioning your property to maximize sales.

POS and Add-ons Boost Ancillary Revenue

Today’s travelers expect much more from a hotel than a clean room and a comfortable bed. As hotel stays become increasingly experiential, hotels are taking a more holistic approach to revenue management by offering ancillary services and products—to both enhance the guest experience and boost total hotel revenue.

In addition to comprehensive rate and package management features, modern cloud PMS support a total hotel revenue management strategy through point-of-sale functionality, booking add-ons or options, and sales reports.

From F&B to souvenirs, activities to in-room extras, a modern PMS will allow you to set up various products and services that can be added to reservations during the booking process or sold separately, making upselling a breeze.

Booking add-ons or options made readily available to customers through your direct online booking engine inspire customers to personalize their stay, generating ancillary revenue.

Using guest data, upsell offers can be targeted more effectively for an even bigger return.

Direct Online Bookings Improve the Bottom Line

The best bookings are direct bookings! Direct bookings come with low acquisition costs (no commission fees) and give ownership and control of the booking to the hotel instead of a third-party, allowing hotels the profitable opportunity to establish a direct relationship with guests right from the start.

With a cloud PMS, hotels can sell rooms direct through their own website via an online booking engine. Fully integrated with the PMS, the online booking engine always reflects live rates and availability, and reservations coming through the property’s website are automatically sent to the PMS.

Look for a PMS that offers a secure, user-friendly and commission-free online booking engine that works well on mobile too. Make sure it offers the flexibility to sell your rooms and packages the way you want, and provides analytics to keep track of bookings coming through your website. Direct bookings are key to improving your bottom line, so a good online booking engine is crucial to the health of your business.

Online Distribution Channel Integration Expands Reach

Direct bookings are best for a property’s bottom line, but third-party booking channels are still an important component of a strong distribution strategy. While online travel agency (OTA) commissions can be steep, the exposure these channels bring to independent properties is worth it. Selling rooms through the right OTAs opens your doors to guests from all over the world.

However, when it comes to managing various distribution channels, manually updating inventory across those channels is time consuming and prone to errors and overbooking—which can negatively impact a property’s reputation and revenue. This is where your cloud PMS offers another big advantage.

Offering direct connections to OTAs, the GDS and channel managers through system integration, modern cloud PMS make managing online distribution easy. Direct integration automates the flow of rate, availability and reservation data between third-party booking channels and the PMS, greatly reducing administrative workload and the risk of overbooking. Integration also makes it possible to track the performance of connected channels to help lodging operators identify their most profitable channels.

A PMS that directly connects to your online distribution channels enables you to optimize your distribution strategy for maximum reach and bookings.

Designed to increase operational efficiency, enhance the guest experience and drive more revenue for hotels, modern cloud property management solutions empower independent properties to discover and reach their full potential. If your PMS isn’t boosting your bottom line, it’s time to find one that does.

The Blue Marlin Resort

Located in popular Wildwood Crest, New JerseyBlue Marlin Resort is a family-run motel that offers 27 seasonal guest rooms including one- and two-room efficiencies with kitchens. Resort amenities include an outdoor swimming pool, free WiFi and easy access to the boardwalk! Blue Marlin Resort has just started using our cloud-based WebRezPro Property Management System to help run their business. Check out their website to see how they’re using WebRezPro to accept online bookings!

Lone Cone Hostel & Campground

The Lone Cone Campground and Hostel is located on beautiful Meares Island in British Columbia, just a short 15 minute boat ride from Tofino, British Columbia. The campground boasts 25 thoughtfully positioned campsites, some with camp gear already set up! The hostel offers 30 beds in different configurations including private rooms and dormitories.

The Lone Cone Campground and Hostel has chosen to use our cloud-based WebRezPro Property Management System to manage their accommodation. Click through to see how WebRezPro enables the property to accept online bookings!

The Society Hotel Bingen

The Society Hotel is nestled within the jaw-dropping Columbia River Gorgeand offers a refined off-the- beaten-trail experience for travelers and getaway-seekers alike. A wide range of accommodation options are available including bunk rooms, private rooms and cabins. The hotel also boasts an onsite cafe, an outdoor hot tub, a saltwater soaking pool and a cold plunge pool.

The Society Hotel in Bingen, Washington, has chosen to use our cloud-based WebRezPro Property Management System to help with their operations. Visit their website to see how they’re using WebRezPro to accept online bookings!

A Bear & Bison Canadian Country Inn

Located in beautiful Canmore, Alberta, in the Canadian Rockies, and just 5 minutes from Banff National ParkA Bear & Bison Canadian Country Inn is the perfect place to stay for a romantic getaway. The inn offers 10 guest rooms with king size beds, fireplaces, whirlpools and private balconies or patios with mountain views. The inn also boasts a first class culinary experience including a Chef-made complimentary breakfast.

A Bear & Bison Canadian Country Inn has chosen to use our cloud-based WebRezPro Property Management System to help run their inn. Visit their website to see how they’re using WebRezPro’s integrated web reservation software to accept online bookings!

The Whaler

Ideally situated across the street from the beach, The Whaler in a pet-friendly hotel in beautiful Newport, Oregon. Every single room at The Whaler boasts stunning ocean views and guests appreciate the many onsite amenities including an indoor swimming pool, a hot tub, an exercise facility and free breakfast. The Whaler has chosen to use our cloud-based WebRezPro Property Management System to help with their operations. Visit their website to see how the hotel is using WebRezPro to accept online bookings!

Oceanic Hotel

The Oceanic Hotel is located in popular Wildwood, New Jersey, ideally situated directly across the street from the The Wildwoods Convention Center and the boardwalk. This 60+ room hotel offers a wide range of amenities including a swim-up tiki bar, a poolside grille, a hot tub and WiFi. The Oceanic Hotel has chosen to use our cloud-based WebRezPro Property Management System to help with their operations. Visit their website to see how they’re using WebRezPro to accept online bookings!