AbbyCreek Inn

The AbbyCreek Inn is a family-owned hotel in Winthrop Washington with over 60 guest rooms and an impressive array of amenities like a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, complimentary continental breakfast, river access with a picnic area and some pet-friendly rooms. The AbbyCreek Inn has chosen to use our cloud-based WebRezPro Property Management System to help with their operations! Visit their website to see how the inn is using WebRezPro to accept online bookings!

3 Things Hotels Can’t Do Without a Cloud PMS

Despite increased efficiency, scalability and profitability that cloud technology brings to hospitality businesses, many hotels are still running on outdated legacy systems—or, believe it or not, pen and paper.

We all have our reasons for making the decisions we make, but to approach the case for the cloud from a different angle, here are three things hotels can’t do without a cloud property management system (PMS).

Can’t Make Your Data Work For You

If you’re working with separate standalone systems or with manual ones (ledgers and spreadsheets) you probably feel a bit like a slave to your data. Manually cross-checking and compiling data from multiple sources is a time-consuming, error-prone process.

Without automated, integrated systems, hotels commonly suffer double bookings, under booking, rate and billing errors, slow check-ins and check-outs, and, ultimately, low customer satisfaction. With data stuck in silos or hardcopy, workflow and customer service are uninformed and disjointed.

When data is unified, the picture is very different. A PMS that shares information between departments and systems automates data workflow, eliminating the need for staff to manually duplicate data across those systems.

Through APIs (application programming interfaces), cloud PMS connect to other hotel systems (CRM, POS, online distribution channels, revenue management systems, mobile messaging platforms, electronic locking systems, room automation solutions, call accounting systems and more), consolidating data to automate administrative processes and improve the guest experience. Essentially, data integration allows systems to talk to each other so you don’t have to be the middleman.

Let’s look at some examples. When a PMS is integrated with a POS system, call accounting software or in-room entertainment platform, charges for restaurant meals, long-distance calls, and pay-per-view are applied to guest folios automatically, saving manual administrative time and improving billing accuracy. Integration with payment gateways and electronic locking systems allow payment acceptance and key coding to be facilitated directly through the PMS (instead of requiring staff to manually enter data into the credit card terminal or locking system) for a faster and more secure check-in process.

OTA, GDS and channel manager integrations allow you to conveniently manage rates and availability for all connected channels at once directly through your PMS, rather than updating each channel one by one, duplicating data each time. Integrations with CRM and guest engagement solutions can automate routine guest communications and heighten personalization.

In short, system integration automates data workflow for enhanced efficiency, accuracy and service. When the data takes care of itself, you have more time to focus on your guests.

Can’t “Mobilize” Your Front Desk

One of the most celebrated advantages of a cloud PMS is being able to access your data from anywhere, any time. Unlike legacy systems, which chain staff to the front desk (where the only access point for completing front-office tasks is the front-desk computer on which the PMS software is physically installed), cloud PMS are deployed online, conveniently accessible to authorized users via any computer or mobile device connected to the internet.

With a cloud PMS, managers can log in when they’re away from the property to generate reports, update room rates, or provide off-site assistance to on-site staff as needed. Accessing PMS data on the go via a mobile device, on-site staff can look up reservation folios, enter bookings, log and action guest requests, update housekeeping room status, and even check guests in—all without returning to the front desk, maximizing time and efficiency.

Using a cloud PMS, modern hoteliers can essentially take the front desk with them wherever they go to serve guests better and manage their business more effectively.

Can’t Stay Competitive

Legacy PMS require expensive licences and upgrades that do not inspire hotels to keep their systems up to date, eventually resulting in obsolete software that holds business back.

Key to remaining competitive in any industry is implementing current and innovative technology that helps businesses keep up with consumer demand and behaviour, like the desire for self-service options and personalization.

From improving mobile functionality to developing new integrations, cloud PMS are constantly evolving in an ongoing mission to improve operational efficiency, profitability and the guest experience for lodging operations. Technology that unifies and mobilizes data will put a hotel ahead of another employing systems that trap data in silos and staff behind the front desk.

Properties running on cloud technology usually enjoy standard feature updates and system upgrades free of charge as new features and upgrades are quick and easy to deploy online compared to legacy installations. This ease of deployment means that cloud solutions are easily scalable too, readily growing with your business, whether further rooms, locations or revenue streams are added.

Through connectivity, constant innovation and scalability, cloud PMS give lodging operations a sharp competitive edge that keeps them ahead of the game.

Still not convinced that a cloud PMS can help your business be more successful? Read 5 Ways a Cloud PMS Directly Increases Hotel Revenue next!

River’s Edge Resort

River’s Edge Resort is located in downtown Winthrop, Washington, along the Chewuch River. This property is ideal for those seeking a unique cabin experience with the best location, private deck hot tubs, kitchens and a variety of accommodations. River’s Edge Resort has just started using our cloud-based WebRezPro Property Management System to help with their operations. Visit their website to see how they’re using WebRezPro’s integrated web reservation software to accept online bookings (that are commission free)!

WebRezPro PMS Named in Capterra’s Top 20 for Hospitality Management Software

WebRezPro Property Management System is catapulting up Capterra’s Top 20 Most Popular list for hospitality management software, moving up to #7 this year! The leading online resource for business software buyers, Capterra combs through hundreds of vendors every year to determine the Top 20 most popular products based on user reviews and online search activity over the previous 12 months.

WebRezPro now has over 100 reviews on Capterra. We greatly appreciate the time our customers take to provide feedback that helps other hoteliers make a decision when implementing new software—and guides us in making WebRezPro even better.

According to the reviews, the top three things our customers love most about WebRezPro PMS are:

WebRezPro Customer Support Team

Based throughout Canada, our customer support team can be reached by telephone or email. Our customers consistently praise our support team’s responsiveness, knowledge and genuine helpfulness.

The customer support is the best that I have seen—quick and responsive, easy to understand and, more importantly, helpful.” – Liz I., Owner/Operator, Hessenland Inn

We really enjoy knowing that when we have a problem, question, or need to make changes, that our service team is so easy to work with and will help in any way.” – DeEtte V., Owner, Primrose Inn & Suites

I have worked with other hotel systems that were run by programmers. It’s obvious that WebRezPro is run by people who know the hotel business.” – Ben S., General Manager, Viamede Resort

Powerful yet User-Friendly Functionality

From reservations to housekeeping to reporting, WebRezPro is a full-featured cloud PMS for properties of all types and sizes. While WebRezPro offers comprehensive functionality, we also strive to maintain one of the most user-friendly systems on the market. And according to most of our customers, we’re getting this right!

WebRezPro does a great job at building a PMS that combines functionality with a user friendly UI.” – Rick G, General Manager, Rushmore Express Inn & Family Suites

This is, hands down, the easiest PMS system we’ve ever used. During implementation, our staff became comfortable with it almost immediately. It also significantly reduced training time for new hires because it is so intuitive.” – Lucy C., Director of Development, Riversage Inns

Our system is more complicated than most with different minimum number of nights, houses that can hold 18 people and rent only Sunday-Sunday, extra person charges, etc. but WebRezPro could do all of that and more.” – Michelle W., Stowe Motel & Snowdrift

At first WebRezPro was a little daunting, the scope of the program seemed so vast, but with all the instructional videos accessible from inside the program, it became increasingly easier to navigate.” – Kelley H., Owner/Manager, Alamos Hotel Colonial

Extensive Integrations

WebRezPro PMS offers over 100 integrations (and counting!) with other hotel systems, including GDS and OTA channels, payment gateways, revenue management systems, POS systems, lock systems, CRM solutions, reputation management platforms, and more. Our customers appreciate our extensive selection of integrations and the time saved by automating cross-system processes.

The integrations with other companies is outstanding and that’s what initially attracted me to WebRezPro.” – Christopher S., Owner, The Fred

Love that developers are constantly improving the software and are flexible, willing to listen to feedback and open to developing new interfaces.” – Jennifer M., Revenue Manager, Guest Services Inc.

Tremendous options for interfacing with OTAs as well as other operational systems.” – Scott T., General Manager, Nantucket Inn

I love how it connects with Expedia and; makes my job so much easier and eliminates double bookings. – Chris L., Owner, McKenzie River Mountain Resort

For complete reviews of WebRezPro, visit the Capterra website. If you’re a WebRezPro user, you can even write one of your own!

Check out Capterra’s Top 20 Hospitality Management Software report for the entire list of most popular hospitality management software solutions.

The content for the Top 20 report is derived from independent research and user testing; end-user reviews and ratings; and vendor-supplied and publicly available product and company information applied against a documented methodology. The results do not constitute an endorsement by Gartner or any of its affiliates.

Creekwalk Inn & Cabins

The Creekwalk Inn Bed and Breakfast, Cabin Rentals and Events, Gatlinburg, TN is located in Cosby, Tennessee, bring guests back to nature in a rustic national park themed atmosphere. Every morning there is a breakfast celebration with farm-to-table and locally grown ingredients for all guests. This 50-acre property offers a variety of accommodation types including cabins, suites and lodge rooms. The Creekwalk Inn has chosen to use our cloud-based WebRezPro Property Management System to help with their operations. Visit their website to see how they’re using WebRezPro to accept online bookings!

Nemi Eco Villa

Nemi Eco Villa – Puerto Vallarta was designed with the goal of providing an environmentally responsible experience without sacrificing luxury. Situated along a jungle lined hillside in Amapas, the villa offers ocean views from all angles. Nemi Eco Villa was constructed using re-purposed, local or sustainable materials, the bedrooms run from solar power, and the natural swimming pool uses no salt or chemicals. Nemi Eco Villa is taking green luxury to the next level.

This property has just started using our cloud-based WebRezPro Property Management System to help with their operations! Visit their website to see how they’re using WebRezPro to accept online bookings. While you’re there, you may end up booking your next vacation! What a gorgeous property.

Rio Bella Resort

The Rio Bella Resort in Rio Frio, Texas, offers a variety of luxury cabins with balconies that overlook the Frio. The resort is just 5 minutes from Garner State Park and is the perfect place to host a memorable wedding! This resort has just started using our cloud-based WebRezPro Property Management System to help manage their cabins. Visit their website to see how Rio Bella Resort is using our integrated web reservation software and availability calendar!

Tahoe Beach Retreat

Tahoe Beach Retreat offers cozy lakefront lodging in South Lake Tahoe, California! Offering over 250 guest rooms and suites, this property has the perfect accommodations for everyone, including some rooms that are perfect for doggy family members. Onsite amenities include a heated outdoor pool and hot tub, winter sports gear rentals, a tiki bar, an onsite pub and a fitness center.

Tahoe Beach Retreat has just started using our cloud-based WebRezPro Property Management System to help with their operations. Visit their website to see how they’re using WebRezPro’s integrated (and commission free!!) booking engine to accept online bookings!

3 Ways to Win Guests with Hotel Tech You Already Have

Winning guest loyalty in today’s extremely competitive market is more challenging than ever, but hotel technology is always evolving to meet that challenge. From mobile keys to chatbots to room control apps, technology that once seemed futuristic is being used by guests in hotels today—albeit mostly at big-brand properties.

While such technology will become more accessible to independent properties in time, smaller hotels have the power to win guests with technology they already have.

Earning guest loyalty is about fulfilling the guest’s emotional needs from their stay, not impressing them with flash gadgets. If you make guests feel welcome and valued and contented, you’ll win their hearts and future business.

Here’s how…

Woo Them with Your Website

A property website is the cornerstone of any hotel’s digital marketing strategy and, by now, most properties have one. Is yours bringing website visitors through your property’s doors?

Your website is often the first point of contact guests will have with your property, so the first step to winning them over is by providing an authentic, user-friendly experience online.

Let current design trends guide the look and feel of your website with big, beautiful images, compelling copy and intuitive navigation that seamlessly combines to tell your property’s unique story. But be sure to portray an accurate representation of your property and the stay experience; building up guest expectations online just to dash them at the door only results in disappointed guests who won’t come back (and might leave bad reviews).

As most internet traffic now comes from mobile devices, it’s essential your hotel website is mobile friendly to give your customers a seamless user experience across devices. And that includes your online booking engine. Today’s consumers have come to expect the convenience of purchasing almost anything they want, whenever they want, online. Your online booking engine must provide an intuitive, user-friendly and secure booking process across all devices to convert website visitors into paying guests.

Win Them Over with Great Customer Service

As the control center of hotel operations, your property management system (PMS) is crucial to delivering great customer service. From reservation confirmations to guest check-in to housekeeping, modern PMS centralize and automate data to streamline daily workflow for higher efficiency that results in smooth service delivery and more time to focus on guests.

For example, a PMS’ integrated housekeeping module centralizes data between the housekeeping and front desk departments, showing front desk staff which rooms are ready for check-in, and housekeeping staff which rooms have been vacated and are ready for cleaning—in real time—ensuring no guest is checked into an unclean room. Such data transparency helps staff serve guests faster and more effectively.

A modern PMS also allows hotels to collect guest data in reservation folios and guest profiles for the purpose of personalizing the guest experience, from recognizing repeat guests and rewarding their loyalty to identifying guest preferences and personalizing communications.

Make use of your PMS’ inbuilt housekeeping and reservation alarms, flags or pop-up reminders to provide the kind of attentive service that will win guests over, whether granting a guest’s request for extra pillows, or leaving a complimentary bottle of wine for the couple celebrating their anniversary.

A feature of most PMS for independent hotels today, automated guest emails are a simple yet effective way to personalize the guest experience and earn guest loyalty. Using reservation data, automated emails are triggered by designated parameters (including booking and reservation dates and room and rate types), resulting in highly targeted communications that are relevant to recipients. Pre-arrival emails provide a prime opportunity to ask customers about any special requests or requirements regarding their upcoming stay, allowing you to anticipate their needs and showing guests you care.

Wow Them with Extras

Surprising and delighting guests is a sure way to win their loyalty, and doesn’t take high-tech gadgets to do so.

For today’s travelers, though, it does mean fast, reliable WiFi. While wireless internet is no longer an extra but a necessity (free WiFi is the number one preferred hotel amenity among travelers), a strong WiFi connection is appreciated and noted by guests, especially those who have experienced frustrating connections at other hotels.

Beyond good WiFi, delighting guests is aided by high-touch rather than high-tech efforts and goes hand in hand with personalizing the guest experience. A vital tool for delivering great customer service, modern PMS empower hoteliers to go the extra mile for their guests.

Using guest data contained in the PMS, hotel staff can anticipate guest needs and tailor repeat stays to past preferences. Whether it’s a simple note welcoming a guest back, or complimentary safe snacks for a guest with food allergies, thoughtful personal touches go a long way in earning loyalty.

PMS with built-in POS functionality and a flexible online booking engine that accommodates add-ons or booking options, allow properties to offer guests the option of tailoring their stay with on-demand extras purchased during their stay or at the time of booking. From wine and chocolates to spa treatments and activities, the ready availability of ancillary services and products can elevate the guest experience and contribute to your property’s wow factor.

Winning the hearts of your guests is all about how your property makes them feel. If you make things easy for them (like booking a room, checking in and accessing great amenities), and make them feel valued through attentive and personalized service, they’ll be back. With a great website and user-friendly online booking engine, a modern property management system and, of course, fast WiFi, your property is already well-equipped to win loyal guests.

5 Ways a Cloud Property Management System Directly Increases Hotel Revenue

Hotel technology has come a long way in recent years. Expensive, inflexible legacy systems have given way to agile, affordable cloud property management solutions that have liberated independent hotels by leveling the playing field with the big brands.

Through data centralization and automation, cloud property management systems streamline and modernize daily operations to improve workflow and put the guest experience front and center, resulting in more effective staff and happier guests—which are, of course, key ingredients for financial success at any property.

But let’s take an even closer look at how a cloud property management system directly impacts the bottom line. Here are five ways a cloud property management system (PMS) increases hotel revenue.

Real-time Reporting Drives Profitable Business Decisions

Tracking reservations, occupancy, pricing and revenue data is key to analyzing hotel performance, identifying trends and steering any property toward success. But many properties aren’t making use of their data, primarily because they don’t have easy access to it. Without an automated system, significant time must be dedicated to manually gathering and organizing the numbers—and that’s time most lodging operators simply don’t have.

One of the major benefits an automated PMS brings to lodging operations is data transparency, making current hotel data accessible at any time for more accurate forecasting and timely decision-making. Gone are the days of manually compiling spreadsheets and punching numbers into calculators—your cloud PMS does it all for you, collating data in real time as transactions occur.

With just a click of a button, management can instantly generate reports to identify patterns and make informed pricing, distribution and marketing decisions at the right time to maximize revenue.

Flexible Rate and Package Management Powers Sales

Along with data transparency, modern cloud property management solutions offer comprehensive rate and package management tools that empower hotels to profit from their data by implementing more responsive pricing strategies.

Whether creating packages or special rates, adjusting standard rates or offering last-minute discounts, a reputable cloud PMS will support your revenue strategy through flexible rate-building features—including rate and booking rules (min/max length of stay, closed to departure/arrival, online only, etc.), quick overrides and automated yield management tools—as well as rate and package tracking, and revenue management system integrations.

With a modern, agile rate management solution you can apply pricing strategies instantly in reaction to (or anticipation of) demand fluctuations, positioning your property to maximize sales.

POS and Add-ons Boost Ancillary Revenue

Today’s travelers expect much more from a hotel than a clean room and a comfortable bed. As hotel stays become increasingly experiential, hotels are taking a more holistic approach to revenue management by offering ancillary services and products—to both enhance the guest experience and boost total hotel revenue.

In addition to comprehensive rate and package management features, modern cloud PMS support a total hotel revenue management strategy through point-of-sale functionality, booking add-ons or options, and sales reports.

From F&B to souvenirs, activities to in-room extras, a modern PMS will allow you to set up various products and services that can be added to reservations during the booking process or sold separately, making upselling a breeze.

Booking add-ons or options made readily available to customers through your direct online booking engine inspire customers to personalize their stay, generating ancillary revenue.

Using guest data, upsell offers can be targeted more effectively for an even bigger return.

Direct Online Bookings Improve the Bottom Line

The best bookings are direct bookings! Direct bookings come with low acquisition costs (no commission fees) and give ownership and control of the booking to the hotel instead of a third-party, allowing hotels the profitable opportunity to establish a direct relationship with guests right from the start.

With a cloud PMS, hotels can sell rooms direct through their own website via an online booking engine. Fully integrated with the PMS, the online booking engine always reflects live rates and availability, and reservations coming through the property’s website are automatically sent to the PMS.

Look for a PMS that offers a secure, user-friendly and commission-free online booking engine that works well on mobile too. Make sure it offers the flexibility to sell your rooms and packages the way you want, and provides analytics to keep track of bookings coming through your website. Direct bookings are key to improving your bottom line, so a good online booking engine is crucial to the health of your business.

Online Distribution Channel Integration Expands Reach

Direct bookings are best for a property’s bottom line, but third-party booking channels are still an important component of a strong distribution strategy. While online travel agency (OTA) commissions can be steep, the exposure these channels bring to independent properties is worth it. Selling rooms through the right OTAs opens your doors to guests from all over the world.

However, when it comes to managing various distribution channels, manually updating inventory across those channels is time consuming and prone to errors and overbooking—which can negatively impact a property’s reputation and revenue. This is where your cloud PMS offers another big advantage.

Offering direct connections to OTAs, the GDS and channel managers through system integration, modern cloud PMS make managing online distribution easy. Direct integration automates the flow of rate, availability and reservation data between third-party booking channels and the PMS, greatly reducing administrative workload and the risk of overbooking. Integration also makes it possible to track the performance of connected channels to help lodging operators identify their most profitable channels.

A PMS that directly connects to your online distribution channels enables you to optimize your distribution strategy for maximum reach and bookings.

Designed to increase operational efficiency, enhance the guest experience and drive more revenue for hotels, modern cloud property management solutions empower independent properties to discover and reach their full potential. If your PMS isn’t boosting your bottom line, it’s time to find one that does.