Top 5 Blog Posts for Independent Hoteliers in 2019

Goodbye, 2019; hello, 2020! As we look back on another exciting year in hospitality, our final post for the year highlights our five most popular posts of 2019, indicating what’s most important to our readers.

Going by our most-read blog posts of the year, it seems that giving guests what they want and using modern technology to support that quest is a top priority for hoteliers. As guest expectations evolve along with our digital world, hospitality technology is adapting and innovating too. There have never been so many innovative and accessible solutions for enhancing the guest experience—it’s an exciting time for independent hoteliers looking to exceed guest expectations (and, according to our top five posts of the year, that’s you—our readers!).

So, without further ado, here are our top five blog posts of 2019. Did you catch them all?

5. Going Desk-less: The New Hotel “Front Desk”

While it might seem like a bold step, losing your front desk can be a liberating way to elevate guest service—and today’s hotel software can make it happen. This post looks at how a mobile-friendly cloud property management system can work to create a more welcoming experience for guests. Read the full post >>

4. Common Customer Complaints in Hospitality and How Your PMS Helps to Avoid Them

Customer grievances have a habit of finding their way online, where they can do damage to a business’s reputation. It’s so important to manage the guest experience and prevent dissatisfaction. Did you know that a modern property management system can help you avoid the most common customer complaints? Read the full post to find out how.

3. TripAdvisor has Changed: Here’s What’s Different and What it Means for Hoteliers

From search engine algorithm changes to new social media advertising options, it’s important to stay informed about changes implemented by the online channels you use to market your property. Our third-most-read post takes a look at TripAdvisor’s travel feed, introduced late last year. This major update aimed to simplify travel planning and booking for TripAdvisor users, and to help businesses reach new customers on the go. Read the full post >>

2. 7 Simple Ways Independent Hotels Can Personalize the Guest Experience

Across industries, personalizing the customer experience is increasingly important for businesses to remain competitive. For the hospitality industry, this is particularly true. It doesn’t necessarily take high-tech solutions and expensive loyalty programs to personalize the guest experience; with a modern property management system, any independent property has what it takes to elevate guest service to the next level. Read the full post to find out how.

1. Hotel Amenities: What Today’s Guests Look for When Booking Accommodation

Our most-read post of 2019 gets right down to the nitty gritty of guest satisfaction and hotel success: the hotel amenities that today’s guests want and expect. While fundamental requirements never change (like a comfortable bed and a quick check-in), guest expectations evolve with the times. If you’re not offering the amenities that your guests are looking for, you risk losing bookings or receiving bad reviews. Read the full post to make sure you’re giving guests what they want.

Thank you for reading! We look forward to blogging about the topics that matter to independent lodging operators in the coming year. If you have a specific subject you’d like us to tackle, let us know! In the meantime, have a happy and profitable holiday season.

TripAdvisor has Changed: Here’s What’s Different and What it Means for Hoteliers

Hoteliers today use a variety of online channels—from social media platforms to online travel agencies—to market their properties and take bookings. These online channels are integral to the success of all lodging operators today, but just as you make changes at your property to stay competitive and find new revenue streams, these third-party platforms are doing the same. Distribution channels and other social sites regularly adjust their algorithms and formats. To continue finding success on these platforms, business owners must remain aware of and ready to adapt to these changes. So, here’s a rundown of TripAdvisor’s latest big change (see their press release about it here.)

What has changed?

In an attempt to bring TripAdvisor further into the realm of social media, and encourage people to use it on a more regular basis, the travel juggernaut has introduced a ‘travel feed.’ Similar to Facebook, users of the site can: create profiles; post photos and videos; and follow friends, brands, and influencers. They can create “trips” (private or public) to consolidate all the maps, itineraries, must-sees, and must-dos for a destination they are planning on (or just dreaming about) visiting. And when they first log-in, users will be met with a personalized front page showcasing posts, articles, and profiles relevant to their current travel interests.

While on a trip, TripAdvisor can send notifications to a user when they are nearby businesses or attractions that someone they follow has reviewed. If a user wants to make a booking, they can do so directly through the platform. After visiting a business, reviews (of course) can be posted directly onto the platform.

What inspired the change?

In a word: efficiency. According to CEO and co-founder Stephen Kaufer, TripAdvisor wants to make travel planning and booking simpler for its users by having everything in one place. As the majority of today’s travelers rely on consumer reviews as well as advice from friends and family when booking a trip, it just makes sense to create a space where both those sources can be accessed, saved, and referenced as needed. Combined with built-in booking, TripAdvisor is looking to be involved in the entire travel experience, before, during, and after a trip.

How will these changes affect hoteliers?

It’s difficult to say for sure how this change will impact businesses listed on the platform largely because we are still waiting to see how successful the travel feed is. However, it is likely that consistently generating reviews will be even more important than it is now. The personalized travel feeds will prioritize businesses with the most recent reviews so hoteliers should do what they can to encourage guests to post feedback.

According to Elliot Cohen, VP of Product, TripAdvisor’s new travel feed can be leveraged by businesses “to reach new customers and reach people in real time.” Just like they would do on Facebook or Instagram, businesses can post special promotions to encourage users to make a booking.

TripAdvisor is a huge player in the tourism industry. With an average of 456 million unique visitors logging on every month, it is estimated that the site influences 546 billion dollars of spending annually. That’s no small impact. So when they announce an overhaul of this magnitude, it’s a good idea to stay informed. The changes are new, so it’s hard to say just how this format will affect business in the tourism industry. Make sure to keep an eye on your analytics just in case.

WebRezPro Clients Named in TripAdvisor’s 2019 Travellers’ Choice Awards

It’s that time of year again. TripAdvisor has just released its annual Travellers’ Choice awards, acknowledging excellence in the hospitality industry. These awards, which are now in their 17th year, celebrate lodging operators around the world, who are delivering an exceptional guest experience in various niches of travel accommodation. Top properties are named in Luxury, Bargain, Small, Best Service, B&Bs and Inns, Romance, Family, All-Inclusive and Top Overall categories in regions that span the globe. We are excited to see that many WebRezPro clients are among the 7,812 Travellers’ Choice recipients this year. We’d like to offer a big congratulations to the following lodging operators:

Well done! These awards, which are determined by millions of reviews posted to TripAdvisor throughout the year, reflect an unparalleled commitment to quality, service and value. Inclusion in this list comes directly from guest feedback, making it a truly meaningful win. We hope you have another successful year and continue to impress your guests from all over the world. Keep up the good work!

You can see the full list of winners here.

Congratulations to WebRezPro Clients Named TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice for 2018

Every year TripAdvisor acknowledges top hotels around the world with the unveiling of their Travelers’ Choice awards. Using the millions of reviews collected in a one-year period, TripAdvisor determined the best properties for various categories (small hotels, luxury properties, etc.) in a variety of regions. Lodging operators were chosen for their commitment to quality, service and value. It’s a distinct honor in the hospitality industry, and the winners for 2018 have just been announced. This year 8,095 properties in 94 countries were recognized, and a number of WebRezPro clients were among the winners. We’d like to offer a big congratulations to the following operators who were highlighted in the 2018 Travelers’ Choice Awards.


Every property included in this year’s list provided exceptional experiences for their customers that were not soon forgotten. How? A quick survey of the TripAdvisor reviews highlights the importance of friendly and knowledgeable staff, a relaxing atmosphere and quality food and amenities in contributing to guest satisfaction.

So, we just want to say: well done! Travelers’ Choice awards are a recognition of excellence in an extremely competitive industry and reflect an exceptional amount of hardwork and dedication. And it’s all determined by feedback from the people who matter most (the guests!). Inclusion in this list is a truly meaningful win.

Check out a complete list of the 2018 Travelers’ Choice winners here.

Travelers’ Choice Winners Highlight Importance of the Human Connection

Based on millions of traveler reviews collected from TripAdvisor® users worldwide over the past year, TripAdvisor announced the winners of its 2017 Travelers’ Choice Awards last week. Among the approximately 7,600 winners across various categories, we are thrilled to congratulate WebRezPro customers who made the esteemed list!


Each and every one of these special properties manages to bring all elements together — accommodations, service and value — in a way that exceeds guests’ expectations. A quick browse through their TripAdvisor reviews highlights a key ingredient to getting this mix right; the human connection.

Even more than stunning locations, great food, beautiful accommodations and excellent service, reviewers of the above properties consistently praise the way the staff goes above and beyond for guests.

Guests are particularly impressed by staff members who are professional yet friendly, who truly seem to love their job and who go out of their way to ensure that guests are having an exceptional experience. Nothing is too much trouble for these stars of hospitality.

In fact, fancy rooms, gourmet food and cutting-edge technology won’t bring customers back without genuine, dedicated people welcoming and taking care of guests. Of course, quality design and modern technology are an important part of the mix, but they should be used to enhance the guest experience and to support service staff, not replace them.

Travelers have spoken; good people always have been and always will be the heart of genuine hospitality.

Congratulations again to each and every property listed above — we are proud to work with you.

Check out the complete list of TripAdvisor’s 2017 Travelers’ Choice winners around the world.


The Secret to Being a Top Travelers’ Choice Hotel

Just over a week ago, TripAdvisor® announced their 2016 Travellers’ Choice award winners, recognizing hotels for exceptional service, quality and value based on the quality and quantity of traveler reviews. Some of our WebRezPro customers made the cut and we want to say a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to each and every one! (We’ve included a list of the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice award winners that we are proud to call WebRezPro customers at the end of this post for inspiration.)

We think the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice awards are a pretty big deal because they celebrate properties that have been recognized as outstanding by a large community of real travelers — the guests themselves. Guest satisfaction is the ultimate proof that hotels are doing things right.

Guest satisfaction depends on a number of factors, including cleanliness, amenities and value for money, but stand-out service is the key to truly wowing customers and earning glowing reviews.

Service excellence expert Dr. Bryan K. Williams recently published a great article about what makes exceptional service. He points out that service is not about the giver, it’s about the recipient. Every guest has their own perception of what good service is, and so to deliver service that meets and exceeds each guest’s expectations it’s important to learn as much as possible about your guests.

Great service not only depends on hotel staff who truly value their customers and are committed to delivering memorable service, but also on hotel technology that provides hoteliers with the tools for knowing their guests, anticipating their needs and assisting them in the moment.

Here’s how a cloud property management system (PMS) like WebRezPro supports exceptional service:

Knowing Your Guests

Comprehensive guest profiles allow you to store everything you need to know about each guest — including room preferences, special requests, allergies, birthdays and anniversaries, how often they stay, etc. — and are the foundation of personalized service.

As a centralized, fully integrated system, a cloud PMS helps to build robust guest profiles by automatically accumulating data like stay frequency, on-property purchases and loyalty program rewards.

Notes can be added to profiles manually too; does the guest like to have extra pillows? Are they allergic to feathers? Do they have an ideal room temperature? The more you know about your guests, the better!

Anticipating Guests’ Needs

A PMS that offers guest management features — like reservation alarms and pop-up reminders for hotel staff, VIP flagging, a rewards program and automated guest emails — helps to ensure that valuable guest data is put to good use through the practical delivery of personalized service.

Reservation alarms and pop-up reminders can be set by hotel staff to remind themselves to do such important things as wish Mr. and Mrs. Valentino a happy anniversary upon check-in, or to replace the feather pillows in Ms. Smith’s room before her arrival.

Features like VIP flagging and reward programs ensure a property’s most valuable customers are always recognized and can help maintain guest loyalty.

Pre- and post-stay emails also help demonstrate to guests that a hotel is anticipating their needs while opening a direct channel of communication through which the guest can ask questions and make special requests. Pre-arrival emails can remind guests of the details of their reservation and include helpful information about local attractions. Post-stay emails can offer discounts on a future stay or inform customers about current promotions or new services they may be interested in.

Assisting Guests in the Moment

From reservations to housekeeping, cloud PMS streamline daily operations through automation, supporting fast, efficient processes — and giving hotel staff more time to focus on hospitality.

In our Internet era, being there for your guests starts with providing them with an easy online booking process. Including a user-friendly online booking engine on your property’s website is convenient not only for customers, but for hoteliers too when it is integrated with the property management system.

A new guest’s first face-to-face impression of a property is formed during check-in, so it’s very important that the check-in process goes smoothly. A cloud PMS helps to check guests in efficiently through features like paperless check-in with electronic signature, and direct integrations with payment processing and key card locking systems.

Mobile housekeeping and maintenance reports ensure that any housekeeping requests and maintenance issues are logged instantly and dealt with promptly. In fact, a mobile-optimized cloud PMS like WebRezPro essentially enables hotel staff to take the “front desk” with them wherever they go, so they can attend to guests and operational issues in the moment.

Finally, cloud PMS take the technical responsibility out of a hotelier’s hands. System upgrades, data protection and back-up, and software maintenance are all taken care of by the cloud PMS vendor. With technical concerns off your plate, there’s more time to take care of your guests.


Congratulations to the following 2016 TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice award-winning properties that we are very proud to call WebRezPro customers!


Check out the complete list of the 2016 Travellers’ Choice award winners on the TripAdvisor website.


How Hotels Can Make the Most of User-Generated Content

Thanks to the mobile Web and social media, travelers are sharing their travel experiences more than ever; in fact, one recent study found that 97 percent of millennials post to social media while traveling. That user-generated content (UGC) — the photos, tweets, posts and reviews travelers share on social media, review websites and blogs — is a marketing goldmine for lodging operators.

We know that online hotel reviews have a big influence on prospective guests and that’s because travelers tend to trust the recommendations of other travelers much more than expensive advertising campaigns. What’s more, owing to social media, UGC has never been more widespread.

It’s not difficult to see that positive UGC can be a powerful tool for increasing guest engagement and sales. Here’s how to make the most of it…

Promote Your Social Media Presence

It goes without saying that to make the most of UGC you must be present and active on social media channels — after all, to engage with guests online you need to frequent the channels they do. But Internetland is a big place, so make sure your customers can find you by promoting your Facebook page and Twitter handle on property (on business cards, signs in the lobby, in-room folders, etc.), on your website and in email communications.

Monitor Social Media Mentions

If a guest tags your property on social media correctly, their photo, tweet or post will appear on your own social media page, but if a guest does not tag your property correctly you won’t be notified and therefore miss the chance to engage with that guest.

To make the most of UGC, it’s important to catch those indirect mentions so that you can alleviate all negative feedback out there and amplify the positive. Social listening tools like those provided by Hootsuite and Revinate can help immensely by automatically scanning the Web — including social media, blogs, review sites and news sites — ensuring you don’t miss any chatter about your hotel. This is a great way to catch guest photos, compliments and even videos where your property was mentioned but not tagged correctly, and which you can then re-share on your own social media pages.

Encourage Guests to Share

Whether you ask them to or not, your guests are probably already generating some content about your property online because travelers love to share their travel experiences. But, the more, the better! Promoting your social media presence as mentioned above will encourage your guests to engage with you on those networks, but there’s even more you can do to motivate guests to share their experiences of your property online.

Special touches such as thoughtful in-room extras like cookies or rubber duckies can surprise guests and inspire them to share their delight on social media. You can be even more direct by setting up a fun “selfie station” with an irresistible backdrop, or run a social media campaign, asking guests to share photos or videos of your hotel. You can (but don’t have to) offer incentives like a free cocktail or appetizer, or a free stay for extra-special content. Create and promote a hashtag for your property, which will enable social media users to tag their posts with an easily searchable keyword that leads right to you.

In terms of online reviews posted to sites like TripAdvisor, never stop asking your guests for them — whether you automate requests for reviews via email or ask guests for reviews upon check-out.

Re-Share the Love

Amplify the reach of UGC by re-sharing, retweeting and liking positive comments, awesome reviews, guest photos and videos on social media (with credit to the creator), incorporating it into your own storytelling efforts.

From TripAdvisor reviews to Tweets to Instagram photos, you can even feature UGC directly on your website by embedding handpicked posts or social media feeds. Social hubs or social walls allow you to aggregate positive social posts using a designated hashtag into a single page on your website — or displayed on a screen in your lobby.


Encouraging and promoting UGC creates brand engagement and trust, and provides prospective customers with social proof that will convince them to book a stay.



Connecting the Dots: TripConnect Instant Booking and TripConnect Cost-Per-Click

As a certified TripConnect™ Premium Partner, WebRezPro Property Management System is pleased to support TripConnect instant booking and TripConnect Cost-Per-Click (CPC) — programs that both offer a way for hotels, inns and B&Bs to gain bookings through the TripAdvisor Hotel Price Comparison search.

Some of our customers have asked about the difference between TripConnect instant booking and TripConnect CPC, so we hope this post helps to connect the dots!

TripConnect Instant Booking

TripConnect instant booking is a new way for properties to acquire bookings directly on the world’s largest travel site using a simple pay-per-booking commission model. When travelers find the right property on TripAdvisor, they want to book it immediately — and TripConnect instant booking allows them to do so; now travelers can make a reservation at your hotel without leaving the TripAdvisor site.

How It Works

TripConnect instant booking displays your real-time rates and availability on your property’s TripAdvisor page, alongside a “Book on TripAdvisor” button, which is positioned above the other booking buttons. When a traveler books on TripAdvisor, the guest’s information and reservation details are sent to your property management system as soon as the booking is made, so you own the guest relationship from the start.

To take advantage of TripConnect instant booking, hotels simply pay a commission to TripAdvisor per booking. There are two different commission rates to choose from: the higher rate (15%) gets hotels half of all booking opportunities available through the “Book on TripAdvisor” button, and the lower rate (12%) allows properties to claim a quarter of all booking opportunities available through the “Book on TripAdvisor” button. (The booking opportunities not claimed by your property go to OTAs that you work with and that participate in instant booking on TripAdvisor.)

It’s a simple commission model that is easy to set and maintain — no bidding required. And you only pay when bookings turn into actual guest stays; if a guest cancels their reservation, you don’t pay.

The WebRezPro Connection

As a TripConnect Premium Partner, WebRezPro can send your property’s rates and availability directly to TripAdvisor, and TripAdvisor will send reservation data directly to your WebRezPro PMS, for a seamless TripConnect instant booking experience for you and your guests.

Currently, TripConnect instant booking is only available to WebRezPro customers that have the Shift4 payment gateway interface.

Properties can sign up for TripConnect instant booking through the TripConnect instant booking site.

If you have any questions about TripConnect instant booking, TripAdvisor has published a comprehensive and helpful list of FAQs. Your WebRezPro account rep is also happy to answer questions you might have about WebRezPro integration with TripConnect.

TripConnect Cost-Per-Click

The TripConnect Cost-Per-Click (CPC) program also displays your property’s live rates and availability on your property’s TripAdvisor page, this time alongside an “Official Site” link, which takes travelers to your own online booking engine to make a reservation on your own website.

How It Works

The TripConnect CPC program requires you to bid for click-throughs to your site. The amount of your bid, in relation to the bids of others (OTAs you work with), determines where your “Official Site” link will appear among the Hotel Price Comparison search results, with the top bidders receiving prime placement.

When a traveler clicks on your “Official Site” link (the higher the link position, the more likely travelers will click on it), they will be taken to your property’s own online booking page to complete the booking directly with you. You pay the amount you bid for the click-through, whether that click-through results in an actual booking or not.

The WebRezPro Connection

WebRezPro works with TripConnect Cost-Per-Click by feeding live rates and availability to TripAdvisor for increased accuracy and efficiency in managing your TripConnect CPC campaign.

And because the WebRezPro online booking engine is commission-free, the only cost of acquisition for a booking coming from your TripConnect CPC campaign is the price you bid for the click-through.

Properties can sign up for TripConnect Cost-Per-Click through the TripConnect site.

TripAdvisor also provides a helpful TripConnect CPC user guide.

TripConnect Instant Booking or Cost-Per-Click?

Both programs offer a way to gain bookings through TripAdvisor at a low cost of acquisition. Depending on the property, one program may be more suitable than the other, or a combination of both could prove to work well.

TripConnect Comparison Chart

13 WebRezPro Clients Recognized as Top Hotels by TripAdvisor’s 2015 Travelers’ Choice Awards

The winners of TripAdvisor’s prestigious 2015 Travelers’ Choice Top Hotels awards were announced last week. Covering eight regions around the world, the 13th annual awards recognise just over 8,000 properties for their remarkable service, quality and value, based on the quality and quantity of traveler reviews.

Outstanding properties that made the cut this year — and that we are very proud to call WebRezPro clients — are… (drumroll, please)…

  • French Quarter Inn (#2, Top 25 Hotels – United States; #4, Top 25 Hotels for Service – United States)
  • Ponte Vineyard Inn (#13, Top 25 Hotels – United States)
  • 1906 Lodge at Coronado Beach (#18, Top 25 Small Hotels – United States; #23, Top 25 Hotels for Romance – United States)
  • Olea Hotel (#14, Top 25 Hotels for Service – United States; #7, Top 25 Hotels for Romance – United States)
  • Abigail’s Hotel (#1, Top 25 Small Hotels – Canada; #1, Top 25 Hotels for Romance – Canada; #1, Top 25 Hotels for Service – Canada)
  • Eagle Nook Resort & Spa (#12, Top 25 Small Hotels – Canada)
  • Crown Mansion Boutique Hotel & Villas (#17, Top 25 Small Hotels – Canada)
  • Tweedsmuir Park Lodge (#21, Top 25 Small Hotels – Canada)
  • Georgetown Inn (#23, Top 25 Small Hotels – Canada)
  • Secret Bay (#4, Top 25 Small Hotels – Caribbean; #2, Top 25 Luxury Hotels – Caribbean; #7, Top 25 Hotels for Service – Caribbean; #9, Top 25 Hotels for Romance – Caribbean)
  • The Resort at Isla Palenque (#1, Top 10 Small Hotels – Panama; #1, Top 10 Hotels for Service – Panama; #1, Top 10 Hotels for Romance – Panama)
  • Posada Yum Kin (#21, Top 25 Bargain Hotels – Mexico)
  • Barefoot Cay (#3, Top 10 Small Hotels – Honduras; #10, Top 10 Hotels for Romance – Honduras)


These special properties have been acknowledged by the toughest critics — the guests themselves — for their unwavering commitment to excellent service and quality.

To achieve this level of service and success, we believe a hotel must be supported by a powerful, all-in-one property management system that automates processes to streamline operations so hoteliers can truly focus on their guests. WebRezPro further supports excellence in service through guest management features like detailed guest profiles, automated pre- and post-stay email communications, reservation alarms and pop-up reminders for staff, VIP flagging, loyalty points and post-stay survey integration — helping hoteliers to personalize the guest experience and build guest loyalty.

Congratulations to each and every property listed above! We are honored to work with you.

Check out the complete list of TripAdvisor’s 2015 Travelers’ Choice top hotels around the world.

Pawsitively Pet-Friendly Packages to Boost Bookings

Jet-setting pets looking for a place to rest their paws for the night can find all the pampering they need and then some with the Pooch Package from the Loden Hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Many hotels welcome dogs, but the Loden made it into the news by leveraging their pet-friendly policy and kicking it up a notch. In keeping with their luxury branding, the Pooch Package includes doggie day-spa services, premium dog food and water bowl, private car service, dog-walking map, peanut butter bacon biscuits and much more for the dog who has everything.

But what’s really smart is that the Loden has committed to donating C$20 from every booking to the local pet shelter, making them stand out as socially responsible and leaving a pawsitive impression on guests, as well as nurturing an emotional connection with their animal-loving customers – and you definitely love your pets if you are booking this $449 package! What’s more is that it made the Loden newsworthy as a human interest story on local television. There’s nothing like free advertising.

For Pet’s Sake

It’s no question that pet-friendly accommodations are in demand. A TripAdvisor survey on traveling with pets from July of this year queried more than 1,110 travelers (and over 700 pet owners) about their vacation habits and 53 percent said they traveled with their pets. Forty-eight percent of all travelers polled felt that hotels should be more pet friendly.

Due to ratings on their site, TripAdvisor further asserts that pet owners are more discerning when choosing a place to stay (more for their animals than for themselves), with bed and breakfasts dominating their top pet-friendly accommodation choices with their ability to cater to “…the most finicky pet owners.” In previous blog posts, we have also noted that smaller properties have the greatest agility when it comes to their ability to offer personalized services and that applies here too.

Best in Show

When it comes to attracting pets and their owners, be the best in show; look at what your competitors are offering and go one step further. Then be sure to promote your special treats on your website, social media channels, blog, press release, and travel directory profiles. Social media listening tools can really be useful in this area.

Many pet-friendly accommodations charge a fee for Fido’s stay. That’s fine. But if you offer other pet services that guests are likely to spend their money on, consider welcoming pets for free…accompanied by their paying owners of course. This can help you stand out from the pack. You can also offer pet packages, like the Loden Hotel does, which include many perks that are incorporated into the price.

If you are already pet friendly, here are some ideas to ramp up interest, such as offering special services and features – that you can charge for!

Bone Appetite

Do you offer room service for your guests? Don’t forget the pets. Along with high-quality kibbles, consider hamburgers, tuna tartar or foie gras for Fido. The Raffles L’ermitage Beverly Hills purportedly offers Osetra caviar with hard-poached eggs for US$98. Look into treats from local pet bakeries who specialize in biscuits, treats and sometimes cakes!

Pawsome Packages

People need pampering too, so consider combining packages, such as offering dog and human massage appointments. The Muse Kimpton in New York offers a Hers and Furs package for in-room pedicures for dog and owner. Creating value-added packages are especially easy if your property management system offers flexible package setup options like WebRezPro does.


We’ve blogged before about offering personalized guest services for retaining and attracting guests and this goes for pets too. Of course dogs aren’t going to notice if their name is framed beside their hotel dog dish, but the owner will! Inexpensive little touches like this go a long way for creating an emotional bond with your guest through their pet. Keep track of your guests and their pets using WebRezPro’s guest folio feature that allows you to collect and store information about your customers.

Pet Treats

Carrying pet items in your gift shop gives your guests one more place to spend their money. Leashes, treats and toys are always popular pet purchases. Being on holiday and in the mood to buy, pet owners are also willing to spend on novelty items that are not readily available from regular pet stores.

Paws for Thought

There are many services that are easy to outsource to local businesses that can come to your hotel:

>> dog walking

>> doggie daycares

>> dog washing

>> pet massages

>> pet psychic readings

But do make sure providers are reputable by being BBB certified and bondable.

Surrogate Pets

Animal lovers pining for their pet hamster left at home may appreciate a surrogate pet while on vacation. Have a resident dog available for dog walks and general canine ambassador duties, such as cuddles. Animals in residence are great for guest relations and might just put a smile on the most stern-faced guests.